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Get Better Do Better

Life is learning and learning is just a series of mistakes that eventually gets us to better.
The hard part is knowing where to look and finding all the time in the day to do so. That’s where I come in. Reading and researching how to be more productive, how to overcome our weaknesses, all the best practices in fitness, health, parenting, mindfulness, self-improvement, life fulfillment….and so on, is where I LOVE to spend my time.

We all are searching for a life of fulfillment and purpose. This can happen with a process. The process starts with three steps. The first step is learning and researching. The second step is harnessing the motivation to pivot. The third step is the application.

When we marry our passions with our talents we are on the road to success. I am here to help you define what success means to you. Not what success means to anyone else, but you. It’s a process to see what REALLY moves you and motivates you. But when you do, you can live every day fulfilled knowing you are on the right path because you are in alignment with what feeds you.

I am by no means an expert in anything. What I am is a human who has lived, made mistakes, learned from some of them, but mostly still actively learning from them and will be for the rest of my life. The Stoic Seneca said, “As long as you live, keep learning how to live.”

Hi, I’m Korie

I have aspirations to be the best person I can be. I’m not extraordinarily special but I am special to my tribe and that’s all that matters.

I truly believe that we can change the world by being kind, helpful, grateful, and loving to everyone we spend our days with. If people are better off for having known us: they feel a little happier, a little more optimistic, a little more confident then we’ve done our jobs.

I love to read, period. But I LOVE to read personal triumph memoirs, anything that can teach me to be a better person and mother, so yes, I am a self-help junkie. There isn’t a day that goes by that I haven’t listened to a podcast.

I love all things health and fitness, but none of the fads and diets! I am super boring because I love a process and routine. I swear by good habits and delayed gratification; you could say I think they’re a superpower.

My daily goal is to live a life where I learn from my mistakes and get better each day.

My parenting goal is to teach my children that they have the power to make their lives whatever they want them to be.

My life goal is to love…it truly does move mountains!

I am happiest being outside with my family in the sunshine. I live for the simple beauty of “the every day”, it is here that I feel the most love and joy in my life. Simply walking my sweet, full-of-life kids to school in the morning in gorgeous weather, while the sun shines through the palm trees, is a gift!

Home Improvement

Home is a special place. It’s the place where we should always feel welcome, safe, and unconditionally loved. Our homes say a lot about us, they tell a story. They are a reflection of our personality and the lives we live. They should display all the things that make us special and unique.. Your environment can have a great effect on your well-being and the way in which you live your life. It should not only make you feel good but should also function to help facilitate your goals and processes.

We bought our old home and renovated the inside before we moved in. I love decorating, organizing, and am obsessed with cleanliness, order, and function. I planned and designed every inch of it for just that reason. I’m a complete control freak and totally not proud of it. Fortunately my husband somehow still loves me in spite of it. But, this trait has given me the ability to see structure and function for optimal output. Decorating and renovating my home is my favorite way to apply it.

I’m often asked about our home design so I thought I’d share what we’ve learned along the way. My specialty is seeing a room and spatially knowing where everything should go for great design and functionality. On top of that, I know where to save and splurge. My ability to sniff out a good deal is both a blessing and a curse. Please visit often to see all the renovations we make to our home. We still have so much more to do!

Self Improvement

I love sharing what I’m reading and listening to. Maya Angelou said, “When you learn, teach when you get, give. When I was in high school my father gave me my first “self-help” book. I wasn’t a “reader” before this. It wasn’t until I read information that spoke to me, and inspired me, and most of all empowered me that made me fall in love with reading.

Reading gave me the power to use my own mind, to learn not just what was told to me by my parents, adults, and teachers but gave me the power to CHOOSE my own thoughts and learn about what I was interested in learning. Fredrick Douglas said, “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” It’s my goal to inspire you to free yourself by owning your own thoughts.

When you read and learn you take your life into your own hands. Alvin Toffler said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”. Why learn anything new if you don’t pivot?

I like to be right just as much as the next gal but I LOVE to be improved, even more. Show me how to improve! Enlighten me! Stretch me! MAKE ME GROW! It’s in our mistakes where we learn, change, overcome, and grow! It’s where we GET BETTER AND DO BETTER.

“I use to know a lot until I learned a little.”

Parenting & Family

I often share with my kids that they didn’t come with an instruction manual and that I’m doing the best I can. But that’s not entirely true. To be good at anything we can learn and read from all that have come before us, from those that paved the way so we don’t have to repeat the same mistakes. From the anecdotal experience of our own family upbringings and communities to the years of research performed by experts in their fields, we can learn how to be great parents. So many amazing books have been written to help us do just that. I’m excited to share the books that have changed the whole parenting game for me. But even more important is learning how to apply this new information to your own family’s unique needs.

Being a mother is by far what brings me the most joy, heart-ache, stress, and where I feel the most responsibility in my life. This is where 90% of my attention and effort goes each day, to learn to be a better mother. I do feel that nothing I do outside of my home will ever compare to the responsibility I have to raise kind humans. If we can be a good example and share kindness and love to those in our lives then we can be one step closer to a better world.

Health & Fitness

There is no secret to being healthy. If you don’t know that eating healthy foods, moving your body, sleeping well, and hydrating are the keys to a healthy body then you’ve been living under a rock. So why don’t we do it? We only have one body right? It all comes down to the small, but significant steps we implement each day.

Having a healthy lifestyle has everything to do with the small things we do habitually each day. Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do’...” therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit.” Here you will find researched and time-tested information to help you live a healthier life.

More importantly, you will learn how to get the motivation to just do it. That’s the real problem right, the MOTIVATION. It starts with implementing a process and building new habits. You won’t find any fads diets here or gimmicky workouts. What you will find is real data and information that WORKS! Let’s learn to take care of our bodies and our minds for a complete and healthy way to live. Come join me in learning and implementing the best ways to GET better and DO better. Because let’s be honest, in this area, the DO is the key!

Books I’m reading

I am only sharing the books that enlighten me, change my world view, and inspire me to improve! Nothing excites me more than having my mind blown! I LOVE to dive headfirst into a book. The WHOLE reason I started this endeavor of writing is to share what I have learned from new information through reading, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. These books have been game-changers for me and I can’t keep myself from sharing them with you.

I know that we can all “LIVE OUR BEST LIVES” when we are empowered by education and information! We live in a special time. I’m so proud of the freedom we have to be ALL that we want to be! See what moves me and PLEASE share what moves you! We truly are “all in this together”, as one of my BFF’s would say. That’s what I love most about books, it unites us. We see ourselves, our story, in the human experience! We get to GO places without actually being there. Please read my posts to see what moves me. I hope it inspires you to be all that you want to be, too.